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Jan 25, 2011   //   by Jon VonSeggen   //   FirstLink News  //  No Comments

Welcome to the FirstLink News blog! While we consider ourselves to be somewhat early  adopters in the general technology bell curve, we have yet to join the ever expanding blogosphere until now. Why has it taken us so long to join the literary masses typing away across the Internet? Well, we’ve been taking care of our customers, communicating through email notifications and newsletters, creating dynamic websites, engineering networking solutions, and being all around technology heroes for the people and businesses we have committed to enable.

After setting up numerous CMS and blogging solutions for our customers over the years, we figured it was high time we set up our own and started sending out FirstLink information into the ether of the net. Now, all YOU have to do is reach out and grab it – or link to our rss feed – or just come back and visit from time to time…

If you are a current customer then you know that in the past we have communicated with you via email for announcements, maintenance schedules and the like. Fear not FirstLink customers, we are not moving all communication activity to the blog and expecting you to come and check here for current information. We will still notify you via email of any important information, we will just be including that information here as well. This blog site is intended to provide supplemental information in addition to our normal customer notifications and announcements.

Here at FirstLink we operate with a small tight crew of experienced technology pros. Really, we’re like a close knit family (without all the bickering and travel hassles over the holidays). Small, mighty and maneuverable – quick and responsive; between the experience and varied skill sets of the FirstLink pros, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished when we work together.

When you’re a FirstLink customer, you’re a part of our extended family, one of the crew. As a member of our family, we want to keep you informed, we want to keep the lines of communication open. We want to share with you our victories, our challenges, and our thoughts and philosophies on the daily issues that help us all navigate the trade winds of the technology ocean. When you’re informed as a customer, it’s much easier to respond to issues proactively and be ready when your business needs to make a course correction. When you’re connected to your technology family, you always have a navigator and a rudder.

It’s 2011, and here at FirstLink Technologies we’re really looking forward to having a great year. The economy is showing signs of improvement and there are exciting things happening with upcoming Firstlink projects and with Internet technology developments as a whole. We have some interesting plans in store for the coming year and we can’t wait to share them with you as the year progresses. So, happy new year and thanks for being a Firstlink customer! Cheers.

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