FirstLink to Create New Website for KAM Controls, Inc

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KAM Controls, Inc., a petroleum measurement company, has contracted FirstLink Technologies to develop a brand new company website at and to provide Search Engine Optimization services during and after the creation of the new website. KAM is looking for a total site makeover both from a design and functionality standpoint. Their current Content Management System is not meeting their needs, nor is it allowing them to easily optimize their site for search engines, current news, and social media integration. KAM came to FirstLink for a solution that will allow easy granular control over all these functions, an improved interface between their customers, products, and support materials, and a way to promote the application of their technologies as well as simplythe products themselves.

In addition to creating the new company website, FirstLink is aiding in the installation, integration, and support of a new Customer Relationship Management system they have selected called info@hand, a CRM platform based on the Sugar CRM system. One of the project goals is the integration of functions within info@hand system with data output on their new website so that they only have to manage content in one place rather than two to avoid inconsistencies and errors.

KAM chose FirstLink to execute this project because of the long time business relationship between the two companies. KAM has had success dealing with FirstLink in the past and knows that we take the utmost care in delivering to them exactly what they need. They know that FirstLink will carefully take all project variables into account, choose the most effective development tools and third party applications to use, and implement and extend them effectively to deliver the results that KAM is looking for. We’ll keep you posted on developments and milestones on this project.


For over 26 years KAM CONTROLS has served the petroleum industry with measurement solutions for a wide variety of applications. Founded in Houston, Texas, KAM CONTROLS has steadily grown an international reputation for manufacturing products with the highest standards for quality, accuracy, and ease of use. The Simple Precision philosophy at KAM CONTROLS has led to a product line that saves our customers time, money, and invaluable man hours.

The company started in 1983 when Exxon Mobil approached company founder Kam Mohajer with a problem. Exxon needed to measure the volume of oil in marine offloading. The traditional measurement method of using an insertion turbine meter repeatedly failed due to clogging from sediment in the crude. Kam created a solid-state Ultrasonic Flow Meter unaffected by sediment in terms of measurement or maintenance, and KAM CONTROLS was born.

Since then, KAM has pioneered a multitude of technologies and applications for the petroleum industry, including:

  • the first ever insertable ultrasonic flow meter
  • being the first to apply coulometric Karl Fischer technology to water measurement in crude oil
  • developing the patented KAM SMP Static Mixing Plate
  • pioneering the use of optics for fluorescence and interface detection in the pipeline
  • developing the patented, multi-antenna KAM OWD Oil Water Detector
  • developing the first ever colorimeter/haze analyzer to incorporate the sensor and all requisite electronics into a single, insertable unit.

Today KAM products are in use on every continent except Antarctica (sales territory up for grabs), and KAM has offices or affiliates in France (R&D), China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Venezuela, in addition to the Houston headquarters. KAM’s most recent initiative is the creation of an international sales force tasked with increased market penetration, new market development, and new product applications development.

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