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For over 10 years First Link has provided market intelligence solutions based on comprehensive analysis of promotional advertising. FirstLink solves business issues with insight derived from high-level price tracking and analytics.

By supporting clients throughout the entire promotional planning lifecycle, we help companies swiftly resolve issues and meet their goals.

The economic climate has created a more price-sensitive consumer. Retail success comes through the execution of a comprehensive strategy addressing promotion, pricing, consumer insights and execution. First Link provides solid and timely market information which includes:

  • Real time price comparison reporting
  • Multiple source/retailer comparison
  • Assimilation of “In Cart” pricing
  • Pricing synchronization between all pricing environments
  • Price Exception Reporting
  • SKU level pricing variance to your competitors
  • E-mail notifications for alerts, reports, ordiscrepancies
  • Provides data structure and tools that integrate multiple data sources and APIs

Market Intelligence Benefits

Visibility of the promotional landscape is critical. First Link provides a low cost comprehensive price and decision-support solution that:

  • Improves decisions resulting in better business performance
  • Provides data structure and tools that integrate multiple data sources
  • Instantly views the competitive pricing and promotional environment
  • Manages pricing strategy real time allowing you to adjust pricing to match/beat the competition
  • Monitors MAP compliance

Learn how you can leverage industry-leading promotional market fundamentals, research and analytics to compete more effectively in your market. Call us at 303.691.8200 or use our contact form.

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